English Webinars for natural practitioner

BioIN Neural Therapy Part 1
Zeit: ca. 60 Minuten

English spoken educational Video

BioIN Neural Therapy Part 2
Zeit: ca. 60 Minuten

English spoken educatioal Video

Practical aspects of active prevention and biological treatment of COVID-19 and the next flue wave
Zeit: ca. 90 Minuten


Adrenal Gland - The Power Station
Zeit: ca. 90 Minuten

. Recording of the event from 2019-01-23

Zeit: ca. 90 Minuten

Pain management strategies with biological medicine - tipps and strategies for natural practitioner

The most important healing plants for a holistic treatment
Zeit: ca. 60 Minuten


The Lymphatic System - the underestimated organ
Zeit: ca. 120 Minuten

Webinar in Cooperation with Hevert USA